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Liver neoplasms

Liver neoplasms Causes

Liver neoplasms are either a result of chronic infections such as Hepatitis B and/or C. Consuming large amounts of ethanol can also lead to the disease, as well as certain species of the Aspergillus fungus which contain aflatoxin.

Liver neoplasms Definition

Liver neoplasms are non-endemic, malignant cancers in the liver that spread in the other body organs such as he colon.

Liver neoplasms Diagnosis

Liver neoplasms are easily determined when tumors are found in the liver after a CT scan of the abdomen.

Liver neoplasms Symptoms and Signs

Liver neoplasms are characterized by tumors either in single or multiple clusters. Other tumors of this kind are poorly define and have an abnormal growth pattern.

Liver neoplasms Treatment

The tumors may be treated by surgical resectioning, sealed source radiotherapy, radiotherapy ablation, and in the most severe cases, liver transplantation.

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