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M?ni?re's disease

M?ni?re's disease Causes

The exact cause of M?ni?re's disease is actually unknown, but studies have revealed it to be most likely related to endolymphatic hydrops or having excess fluid in the inner ear.

M?ni?re's disease Definition

By definition, this disease was named named after the French physician Prosper M?ni?re, who was the first to make a report in an 1861 article that vertigo was caused by inner ear. Today, M?ni?re's disease is recognized as a disorder of the inner ear that can affect both hearing and balance

M?ni?re's disease Diagnosis

There are many other disorders which have the same pattern as Meniere's and effective diagnosis is often done through clinical investigation and medical history. More precise diagnosis can be made through a detailed oto-neurological examination and audiometry A head magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is recommended to rule out the possibility of a tumor in the cranial nerve VIII or superior canal dehiscence which presents similar symptoms.

M?ni?re's disease Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms exhibited by M?ni?re's are variable and that patients experience symptoms differing in intensity and duaration. There are however, the classic Meniere's which are the following; regular episodes of rotary vertigo or dizziness; normally fluctuating and potentially progressive hearing loss beginning at the lower frequency ranges that can either be unilateral (one ear only) or bilateral (both ears);tinnitus or ringing in the ears which can also be unilateral or bilateral; the feeling of full pressure on one or both ears. Symptoms often start singly before progressing to include others.

M?ni?re's disease Treatment

The first line of treatment is normally to address specific symptoms and to ensure that they are prevented from occurring. Physicians may offer specific treatment approaches to tinnitus, reducing stress which often triggers some symptoms, hearing aids to address hearing loss and vertigo alleviating drugs.

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