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Mac Ardle Disease

Mac Ardle Disease Causes

Mac Ardle Disease is a diseased caused by a deficiency of myophosphorylase. The deficiency results to the failure of the enzyme to ultimately impairs the operation of ATPasas.

Mac Ardle Disease Definition

Mac Ardle Disease, otherwise known as Glycogen Storage Disease Type V (GSD-V) is a kind of metabolic disorder due to the glycogen storage. It is the most common of the various type of GSD. (Wolfe, Gil I. et al. “McArdle's disease presenting with asymmetric, late-onset arm weakness.” Muscle & Nerve, 2000).

Mac Ardle Disease Diagnosis

Laboratory tests like muscle biopsy and nonischemic tests are used to aid diagnosis of Mac Ardle Disease.

Mac Ardle Disease Symptoms and Signs

It includes early fatigue, painful cramps, weakness of exercising muscles and myoglobinuria. To some, renal failure and increasing weakness and substantial muscle loss are also manifested.

Mac Ardle Disease Treatment

There is no specific treatment for Mac Ardle Disease but oral vitamin B6 is advised to create greater resistance to fatigue. Aerobic exercise and high protein diet are also advised.

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