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Macroglobulinemia Causes

It occurs when blood platelets begin producing abnormal amounts of IgM, an antibody which causes the blood to thicken and to be more viscous.

Macroglobulinemia Definition

Macroglobulinemia otherwise known as Waldenstr?m Macroglobulinemia, is a cancer involving lymphocytes. It is characterized by increased levels of macroglobulins in the circulating blood and diffuse of infiltration of bone marrow and produces symptoms of hyperviscosity.

Macroglobulinemia Diagnosis

Diagnosis requires laboratory examination of the bone marrow for abnormal lymphocytes. Urine and blood tests also are done to detect the numbers of macroglobulin protein.

Macroglobulinemia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, weight loss and chronic oozing of blood from the nose and gums (Kyle RA (1998). "Chapter 94: Multiple Myeloma and the Dysproteinemias", in Stein JH: Internal Medicine, 5th ed., New York: C.V.Mosby).

Macroglobulinemia Treatment

Treatment includes the monoclonal antibody rituximab and combined with chemotherapeutic drugs.

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