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Macroglossia Dominant

Macroglossia Dominant Causes

Macroglossia is caused by idiopathic muscle hypertrophy, gland hyperplasia and hemangioma. It may also be caused by hypothyroidism, cretinism and diabetes

Macroglossia Dominant Definition

Macroglossia dominant refers to the severe enlargement or hypertrophy of the tongue which cause functional difficulties in speaking, eating, and sleeping. It is most common in primary and myeloma-related amyloidosis, which refers to the accumulation of insoluble proteins in tissues that impedes its normal functioning (Merck Manual 17th Ed.)

Macroglossia Dominant Diagnosis

Examination of the family history and physical examination of the tongue are used to diagnose the presence or absence of Macroglossia dominant.

Macroglossia Dominant Symptoms and Signs

Severe enlargement of the tongue is the symptom of the disease.

Macroglossia Dominant Treatment

Surgery is the most common treatment for the enlargement of the tongue.

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