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Mal De Debarquement

Mal De Debarquement Causes

It is a motion sickness associated with postural instability after sailing (Nachum, Z., et al., Mal de debarquement and posture: reduced reliance on vestibular and visual cues. Laryngoscope, 2004. 114(3): p. 581-6). Other theories states that it is also caused by a variant of migraine and by the high weighting of somatosensory input for balance.

Mal De Debarquement Definition

Mal de barquement Syndrome or MdDs or Disembarkment syndrome is a rare condition which usually occur after a sustained motion even like cruise or aircraft flight. The phrase means “sickness of disembarkation”.

Mal De Debarquement Diagnosis

There is no definitive tests used to confirm the presence pr absence of Mal de debarquement, it is a diagnosed through exclusions and ruling out of other conditions.

Mal De Debarquement Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes persistent sensation of motion which is often described as the rocking or swaying which causes difficulty of maintaining balance. Extreme fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, headaches, confusion and anxiety are the most common symptoms.

Mal De Debarquement Treatment

There is no known cure for the condition but displacement exercise like jogging and bicycling is helpful.

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