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Malakoplakia Causes

It results from the insufficient killing of bacteria by macrophages that leads to deposition of iron and calcium. It is most common in patients that have history of immunosuppression due to lymphoma, diabetes mellitus and renal transplantation. It may also be caused by long-term therapy with systemic corticosteroids.

Malakoplakia Definition

It is a rare inflammatory condition manifested by a papule, plaque or ulceration that affects the genitourinary tract. It is described by the presence of histiocytes with basophilic inclusions called Michaelis-Gutmann bodies.

Malakoplakia Diagnosis

Examination of medical history as well as physical examinations is used to detect the early signs of the clinical condition. Laboratory examinations are also used.

Malakoplakia Symptoms and Signs

Its symptoms include urinary tract infections, pyelonephritis and unilateral enlargement of the kidneys (Dobyan DC, Trong LD, Eknoyan G. Renal malakoplakia reappraised. Am J Kidney Dis 1993; 22:243252).

Malakoplakia Treatment

Today, antibiotics are used for treatment of malakoplakia.

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