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Malouf Syndrom

Malouf Syndrom Causes

The cause of Malouf syndrome is unknown; however the main characteristic of the disease is cardiomyopathy.

Malouf Syndrom Definition

Malouf syndrome is a very rare syndrome primarily characterized by a heart disease in addition to abnormal ovaries. This congenital disorder is also known as congestive cardiomyopathy-hypergonadotropic hypogonadism syndrome. Malouf syndrome is derived from the name of Jean Malouf, who is a famous sideshow performer during the 19th century; she was born in Montreal.

Malouf Syndrom Diagnosis

No single diagnosis procedure is known to provide diagnosis for Malouf Syndrome.

Malouf Syndrom Symptoms and Signs

Malouf syndrome manifests one or more of the following symptoms: * Mental retardation, which is characterized by slow basic motor learning and language skills during childhood and extensively-below normal intellectual capacity during adulthood. * Ovarian dysgenesis or the failure of the ovaries to achieve normal development. * Congestive cardiomyopathy- a heart muscle disease. * Broad nose * Blepharoptosis or drooping of the eyelid due to weakened eye muscles. * Bone abnormalities * Marfanoid habitus marked by long and thin limbs completing long stature, thin subcutaneous fat, abnormally long and slender fingers referred to as “spider fingers” (arachnodactyly), narrow face, small chin, poor muscle tone (Hypotonia), large testes, and joint hyperextensibility. * Reduced body hair * Delayed puberty * Abnormal ovaries

Malouf Syndrom Treatment

Since the cause of Malouf syndrome is still not yet clearly established, treatment is only aimed in correcting the underlying symptoms manifested by the disorder. Correcting cardiomyopathy is also part of the therapeutic goals for this syndrome.

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