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Marburg Fever

Marburg Fever Causes

The causative agent of Marburg hemorrhagic fever is the marburg virus.

Marburg Fever Definition

Marburg fever is a rare and severe type of hemorrhagic fever affecting both human and non-human primates. It is a serious virus related to Ebola. The disease is transmitted through bodily fluids like saliva, blood, excrements (waste products of metabolism), and vomit.

Marburg Fever Symptoms and Signs

Many manifestations of Marburg fever are similar to other infectious disease like typhoid fever and malaria. Early symptoms of this kind of hemorrhagic fever include: * Fever * Headache * Muscle pain (myalgia) usually lasting for three to nine days; considered as the incubation period of the Marburg virus. * This is then followed by presentation of a papulomacular rash in the trunk. Later stage Marburg fever includes the following symptoms: * Yellowing of the skin (jaundice) * Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) * Weight loss * Hemorrhaging * Decrease in blood plasma volume (hypovolemic shock) * Dysfunction in more than one organ specifically the liver * Neuropsychiatric symptoms * Delirium * In some cases, external hemorrhaging in bodily orifices (body opening) Once a patient survives, prolonged recovery is expected with the possibility of one or more of the following symptoms: * Inflammation of the testicles (orchitis) * Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) * Inflammation of the spinal cord ( transverse myelitis) * Inflammation of the salivary glands ( parotitis) * Inflammation in the eye (uveitis)

Marburg Fever Treatment

There is no single treatment for Marburg fever; supportive treatment is the usual approach in alleviating the symptoms and underlying complications of the infection including hospitalization. DIAGNOSIS Diagnosis of Marburg fever is often difficult because of the similarity of the symptoms of the disease with other infectious diseases. As a result early diagnosis is impossible if only few definitive symptoms manifests.

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