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Melanoma Causes

One of the main cause of Melanoma is too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Melanoma Definition

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer which develops in the cell producing melanin.

Melanoma Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical examination of a dermatologist. In cases of eye melanoma, an eye examination is required inasmuch as the melanoma in the eyes do not have any symptoms and may only be detected through such.

Melanoma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes change in the mole or the occurrence of a different looking growth in the skin, scaling, itching including its bleeding. Ocular melanomas however do not have any signs.

Melanoma Treatment

Treatment may include the following: surgical removal especially those unusually looking moles, chemotherapy in order to destroy the cancerous cells, Radiation therapy, and immunotherapy or the biological therapy which usually helps the person in boosting their immune system to help their body fight the cancer cells.

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