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Meniscus Tear

Meniscus Tear Causes

Meniscus tear is a result of too much activity which makes a person rotate his or her knee with force. Also, in some cases the too much kneeling, lifting also results the tearing of the meniscus. Degenerative changes especially in the knee area in elderly causes the meniscus tear.

Meniscus Tear Definition

Meniscus Tear is the condition whereby there is a forceful rotation of the knee which usually causes the tearing of the meniscus.

Meniscus Tear Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical examination, undergoing X-ray of the knee and MRI.

Meniscus Tear Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes popping sensation especially in the knee, locking of the knee, its swelling and pain.

Meniscus Tear Treatment

Treatment includes the administration of pain reliever and orthotic instruments. Resting and using Ice pack may also be of great use to alleviate the pain. In some cases, Arthroscopic Surgery may be also used.

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