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Mesentric Lymphadenitis

Mesentric Lymphadenitis Causes

Mesentric Lymphadenitis is caused by a viral infections especially that of the yersinia, the most common bacteria associated with the Mesentric Lymphadenitis.

Mesentric Lymphadenitis Definition

Mesenteric lymphadenitis is a condition whereby there is an unusual inflammation of the lymph nodes usually seen and located at the fold of the membranes which usually is responsible for attaching the colon and other like organs to the abdominal wall.

Mesentric Lymphadenitis Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through the uses of laboratory examinations such as blood testing and imaging studies like the computerized tomography scan, CT Scan for brevity.

Mesentric Lymphadenitis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and malaise.

Mesentric Lymphadenitis Treatment

Treatment includes administration of pain relievers that are commonly sold over the counter inasmuch as the mild cases of the Mesentric Lymphadenitis most often resolves within a short period of time.

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