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Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger Syndrome

Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger Syndrome Causes

The causes of the disease are unknown.

Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger Syndrome Definition

Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger syndrome is also known as Polychondritis. It is an auto-immune disease in which the body's immune system starts to destroy cartilage tissues. It is a disease subclass in Rheumatology.

Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

All of a patient's cartilage areas may be affected. Many cases shows the effect of the disease in several areas where cartilage is found, while other areas are healthy. Examples of cartilaginous parts that may be affected include the ears, nose, throat, heart valves, and all areas in which cartilage connects musculo-skeletal tissues.

Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger Syndrome Treatment

Patients are typically treated with medicines to suppress the immune system. However, it often has side effects resulting in the increase the risk of other infections.

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