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Microsporidiosis Causes

Microsporidiosis in HIV patients is caused when the CD4+ T cell counts decreases below 100. The infection is by at least 14 microsporidian species.

Microsporidiosis Definition

Microspridiosis is an intection of the intestine that may become life-threatening if the patient's immune system is weak.

Microsporidiosis Diagnosis

Doctors perfom biopsies on samples of affected tissues.

Microsporidiosis Symptoms and Signs

Patients manifest different symptoms according to each of the strength of their immune system. Individuals with HIV usually experience diarrhea and weakening of energy.

Microsporidiosis Treatment

Microsporidia infections are usually self-limited in immunocompetent patients, and therapy is seldom necessary. In immunocompromised patients, must use doctor prescribed drugs to control or reduce the infection.

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