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Milliaria Causes

It is cause by the blocking of sweat glands and thus, trapping the perspiration in the skin which causes the rashes. Such blocking of sweat glands may be due to the immature sweat ducts, as in the case of infants, hot and humid weather, intense physical activities, or it may be due to clothes that does not allow perspiration.

Milliaria Definition

Milliaria most commonly known as heat rush or prickly heat, is a condition usually affecting children and even adults leaving in tropical climates where the weather is hot or humid. It occurs when the sweat ducts are blocked and the perspiration is stucked in the skin causing rashes and redness of the affected skin, it may also be in a form of small blisters that is often very itchy.

Milliaria Diagnosis

Confirmation of the presence of heat rash or milliaria is often through thorough examination of the skin and focusing more on the symptoms.

Milliaria Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Milliaria includes occurrence of superficial blisters, reddish lumps and bumbs which is usually itchy and painful at the same time and the occurrence of prickly heat spots. In other form of the Milliaria which usually occurs in adults, symptoms includes the occurrence of goose bumps like flesh colored lesions.

Milliaria Treatment

Treatment includes cooling the skin through staying at an air conditioned room or a room where the air may able to circulate, wearing clothes that makes the skin breath and administration of skin creams like calamine lotion which may be use to lessen the itching and burning sensation, anhydrous lotion which may be use to prevent the blocking of the sweat ducts of the skin.

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