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Mitral Valve Stenosis

Mitral Valve Stenosis Causes

Mitral valve stenosis is said to be caused by rheumatic fever which causes the leaflets of the valve to thicken causing it to limit its way of opening; congenital heart defects, blood clots, tumors in the the mitral valve and even medications such as those used to treat migraine may also in some cases causes the condition.

Mitral Valve Stenosis Definition

Mitral valve stenosis otherwise known as the mitral stenosis is a condition whereby the heart mitral valve is narrowed which thereby prevents the valve from opening fully and causes obstruction of blood flow between the left chamber of the heart.

Mitral Valve Stenosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes undergoing to echocardiogram, electrocardiogram or ECG, Holter monitoring, chest X-ray and cardiac catheterization.

Mitral Valve Stenosis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes the shortness of breathing especially when lying down, feet or ankles that are swelling, shortness of breathing, bronchitis, heart palpitations, coughing which may occasionally be accompanied with blood and chest pains.

Mitral Valve Stenosis Treatment

Treatment focus more on the curing the symptoms than focusing more on the Mitral valve stenosis condition itself inasmuch as there is really no medicine used to treat it at present. Surgery like balloon valvuplasty, mitral valve repair and replacement.

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