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Mody Diabetes

Mody Diabetes Causes

MODY diabetes or Maturity Onset Diabetes is caused by a dominant inheritance of insulin secretion defects.

Mody Diabetes Definition

MODY diabetes is short for Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young, and pertains to a rare type of diabetes mellitus types that is genetically inherited.

Mody Diabetes Diagnosis

MODY diagnosis is often accidentally discovered during routine urine and blood tests for unrelated reasons. The only definite diagnostic test to confirm MODY diabetes to date is genetic testing.

Mody Diabetes Symptoms and Signs

Some forms of MODY diabetes cause hyperglycemia and manifest with characteristic symptoms of diabetes itself: polydipsia or increased thirst and polyuria or increased urination. However, other forms of MODY will show no symptoms at all and are accidentally diagnosed when high glucose levels are discovered. In general, MODY diabetes may present with the following symptoms: mild to moderate hyperglycemia; weakened autoimmunity; persistence of low insulin requirement; possibility of cystic kidney disease; and non-transient neonatal diabetes.

Mody Diabetes Treatment

Treatment for MODY diabetes depends on its severity, but most therapy options are similar to those of Type 2 diabetes. In some cases, carbohydrate restriction and dietary control are sufficient to regulate blood sugar levels in MODY patients. Other cases may require low doses of insulin or sulfonylurea drugs.

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