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Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma Causes

It is still not known what causes the Morton's Neuroma but it usually occurs after an irritation or pressure even injury in the digital nerves which leads to the toes. Wearing high heeled shoes, strenous activities like too much jogging and injury to the foot are factors which contribute to the occurrence of the condition.

Morton's Neuroma Definition

Morton's Neuroma, also called the plantar neuoma or the intermetatarsak neuroma, is a noncancerous growth of the nerve tissue in the foot, usually between the third and the fourth toes. It is not necessarily considered as a tumor but a mere thickening of the tissue around the digital nerves leading to the toes.

Morton's Neuroma Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical examination and x-ray of the foot affected.

Morton's Neuroma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes burning pain that occurs in the ball of the foot radiating to the toes and tingling of the toes including its numbness.

Morton's Neuroma Treatment

Treatment includes resting the foot and administration of over the counter medicines to lessen the inflammation and pain. Corticosteroid injections and surgery may also be used to treat the condition.

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