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Mouth Cancer

Mouth Cancer Causes

Mouth Cancer is said to be caused by the damage of the DNA in the cells of the mouth and throat brought about by excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. It may also be caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet light.

Mouth Cancer Definition

Mouth Cancer or Oral and throat cancers are pale lumps inside the mouth which does not in itself heal.

Mouth Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through biopsy, x-ray, Computerized Tomography or CT Scan, ultrasound and the use of Magnetic resonance imaging or the MRI Scan.

Mouth Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes sore in the mouth that refuses to heal and rather increases in size, pain the mouth, lumps or whitish/reddish/dark patches in the mouth, difficulty in moving the jaws, lump in the neck, thickening of the cheeks, pain around the teeth and sudden changes in the voice.

Mouth Cancer Treatment

Treatment may includes radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

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