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Mouth Ulcer

Mouth Ulcer Causes

Mouth ulcers are caused by a break in the epithelium or the mucous membrane on the lips or surrounding mouth, often as a result of several factors such as: physical or chemical trauma; bacterial or viral infections; underlying medical conditions; certain medications; as well as cancerous and nonspecific processes.

Mouth Ulcer Definition

Mouth ulcer is a condition characterized by the appearance of an open sore inside the oral cavity. It is also alternatively known as oral ulcer.

Mouth Ulcer Diagnosis

A mouth ulcer can usually be diagnosed from its appearance and location in the patient's mouth. No other diagnostic workup is necessary.

Mouth Ulcer Symptoms and Signs

In some cases, mouth ulcers start with a sharp burning or stinging sensation at or around the mouth. After a few days, a reddish bump materializes, followed by an open sore. The mouth ulcer itself has a white or yellow oval appearance surrounded by an inflamed reddish border. Sometimes, the lesion may have a white halo or circle around it. Mouth ulcers are often immensely painful, particularly when touched or agitated. A painful swelling of the lymph nodes may also be observed slightly below the jaw.

Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Treatment for mouth ulcers is focused on managing symptoms and dealing with underlying causes. Self-care measures such as adequate oral hygiene and avoiding a spicy diet may also help. In addition, topical antihistamines, corticosteroids, antacids, and other applications may also be used to sooth painful ulcers.

Drugs used for treatment of Mouth Ulcer

Triamcinolone Oral Paste

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