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MPO deficiency

MPO deficiency Causes

MPO has hereditary and acquired forms though the latter is less common. Hereditary MPO can be caused by a number of mutations including R569W, Y173C, M251T, and G501S. The acquired form, which is an enzyme defect, can be corrected when the underlying condition is resolved. Most cases of the acquired form are partial and only affect a proportion of neutrophils.

MPO deficiency Definition

Myeloperoxidse deficiency or MPO is a common genetic disorder featuring deficiency, in either quantity or function of the enzyme myeloperxidase. Said enzyme can be found in certain phagocytic immune cells, particularly polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

MPO deficiency Treatment

Routine treatment with prophylactic antibiotics is generally not recommended because MPO deficiency patients have no increased incidence of infections. For patients with diabetes mellitus, caution must be exercised and if infection occurs, prompt and aggressive treatment using antimicrobials should be done. It is also preferred to avoid treatments that might increase the likelihood of developing fungal infection.

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