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Nail Avulsion

Nail Avulsion Causes

Nail avulsion often results from trauma or injury on the affected area. There are several possible scenarios leading to nail avulsion; some of them are: slamming a door on a finger or dropping a heavy object on a toe, among others.

Nail Avulsion Definition

Nail avulsion is the removal of a part or the entirety of the nail from the bed, often as a consequence of destruction of trauma or injury.

Nail Avulsion Diagnosis

A nail that has been dislodged or lifted from its bed can be diagnosed as nail avulsion.

Nail Avulsion Symptoms and Signs

Nail avulsion is basically a nail coming off, lifting, or breaking away from its bed. The nail that is removed may be partial or whole. This usually comes with pain that ranges in severity from mild to extreme.

Nail Avulsion Treatment

Most nails removed through partial or whole nail avulsion typically grow back without any specific treatment.

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