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Nappy Rash

Nappy Rash Causes

Nappy rash is usually caused by bacteria and fungi infections on the skin. When the bowel is not properly washed and dried after the baby defecates.

Nappy Rash Definition

Nappy rash is a common ailment experienced by babies. It is characterized by rashes and irritation on the bowel caused by bacteria and fungi due to improper hygiene procedures.

Nappy Rash Diagnosis

Nappy rash can be diagnosed by the presence of the symptoms shown by the patient.

Nappy Rash Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of nappy rash include red rashes on the skin of the anus. Babies often feel discomfort and irritation due to the itch brought about by the rashes.

Nappy Rash Treatment

Proper hygiene is the best way to prevent nappy rash. Topical creams are also available to stop the rashes.

Drugs used for treatment of Nappy Rash

Hydrocortisone Cream

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