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neuroma Causes

The exact cause of neuroma remains unknown.

neuroma Definition

Neuroma is a term generally used to describe any swelling or inflammation of a nerve, but more specifically used in reference to a tumor (usually benign) growing in the nerve cells.

neuroma Diagnosis

Neuroma can be diagnosed through imaging studies such as computerized tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which can reveal an abnormal mass or growths in the brain. In the context of acoustic neuroma, the following diagnostic tests may also prove helpful: hearing test (audiometry); electronystagmography (ENG); and brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER).

neuroma Symptoms and Signs

There are several types of neuroma, or benign tumors from the nervous system. Symptoms depend on the specific type of neuroma involved. Acoustic neuroma, the most common type of this tumor, may exhibit the following symptoms: hearing loss typically on only one side or more pronounced in one side; a ringing sensation (tinnitus) in the affected ear; vertigo or dizziness; difficulty maintaining balance; as well as facial numbness and tingling.

neuroma Treatment

Treatment for neuroma focuses on stopping the tumor from growing or altogether removing the tumor. Brain surgery to remove the neuroma is a preferred option, with consideration given to the extent of nerve damage that may result. A range of radiation therapies may also be recommended, including gamma-knife radiosurgery, a procedure that allows a doctor to deliver radiation directly to the tumor without an incision. In most cases, this is a better option than brain surgery, which can inadvertently cause damage to surrounding tissue.

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