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Nicotine, Dependence

Nicotine, Dependence Causes

Nicotine Dependence is caused by an addictive chemical which is known as the nicotine that is commonly found in tobacco and cigarettes. It usually increase the release of the brain of a chemical named dopamine which makes a person feels good thereby making him want to smoke more .

Nicotine, Dependence Definition

Nicotine dependence is a condition where the person is vulnerable to a rather addicting chemical known as nicotine that is found in cigars and pipes.

Nicotine, Dependence Diagnosis

Diagnosis of nicotine dependence includes the review of the personal history of the patient.

Nicotine, Dependence Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Nicotine Dependence includes failure and the inability of the person to stop smoking, experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, restlessness and headache including inability to focus and sleep whenever the person try to stop smoking.

Nicotine, Dependence Treatment

Treatment includes administration of medications such as antidepressants and Varenicline. Nicotine Replacement Therapy which may be be found in nicotine replacement products commonly sold over the counter such as Nicotine Patch, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenge and also those available by prescription such as the nicotine nasal spray which is directly sprayed in to the nostrils, and nicotine inhaler. Counseling and joining support groups are also helpful in treating nicotine dependence.

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