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Nonischemic Priapism

Nonischemic Priapism Causes

Nonischemic Priapism is said to be caused by the malfunctioning of the blood vessels and nerves where the blood is usually stuck and cannot subside or drain causing a longer but painful erection. Other causes includes misuse of certain drugs such as viagra which is used to cure erectile dysfunction; trauma, blood clotting and inflammation of the urethra.

Nonischemic Priapism Definition

Nonischemic Priapism is a medical condition where there is a sustained and frequently painful erection that is not associated with sexual stimulation. In Nonischemic Priapism the blood that usually fills the penis does not subside or drain from the penile shaft upon orgasm.

Nonischemic Priapism Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes taking into account the medical history of the patient including conducting physical examinations and undergoing a series of tests like blood fas measurement, blood tests and ultrasound.

Nonischemic Priapism Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include a painful erection, a firm penile shaft and an erection which usually last for four to six hours.

Nonischemic Priapism Treatment

Treatment includes placing ice packs and compression to the penis to lessen the swelling of the penis. In some cases intracavernous injections and aspiration including surgery especially where the penile artery is ruptured already.

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