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Obesity In Children

Obesity In Children Causes

Obesity in children is caused by to factors: poor diet and not enough exercise, and underlying illnesses such as the Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing's syndrome and hypothyroidism.

Obesity In Children Definition

Obesity in children is a form of malnutrition in which a child becomes extremely overweight. Obesity can be the cause of problems in maintaining balance as well as growth development of the physical and internal organs of child's body.

Obesity In Children Diagnosis

Obesity in children can be diagnosed by calculating the child's body mass index combined with age-adjusted measurements.

Obesity In Children Symptoms and Signs

Children suffering from obesity are overweight for their height and age. They also easily get stressed during physical activity. They also have problems in maintaining balance, as their skeletal structure finds it difficult to carry their weight.

Obesity In Children Treatment

Treatment is done by maintaining proper diet and exercise. Parents can engage their children into sports to burn off excess calories. Vegetable and fiber-rich foods are also recommended.

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