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Ocular Melanoma

Ocular Melanoma Causes

The exact cause of Ocular Melanoma is not yet known but usually it is linked to the defects or the mutations of the DNA which causes genes to malfunction.

Ocular Melanoma Definition

Ocular Melanoma is a condition which occurs in the uvea or the vascular layer of the eye between the retina and the sclera or the white of the eye. It may occur in in the front part of the uvea or the iris and ciliary body or in the choroid layer or the back part of the uvea.

Ocular Melanoma Diagnosis

Diagnosis include undergoing ophthalmoscopy, slit-lamo biomicroscopy, ultrasound, angiography and biopsy. CT Scan and MRI may also be used to determine the extent of the ocular melanoma.

Ocular Melanoma Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes changes in the color of the iris, blurry vision, loss of peripheral vision, floating vision, red eye and a growing dark spot on the iris.

Ocular Melanoma Treatment

Treatment includes surgery which may include iridectomy iridotrabe culectomy, iridocyclectomy and enucleation. Radiation therapy or transpupillary thermotherapy or TTT may also be used to treat ocular melanoma.

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