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Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia

Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia Causes

Most people with the oculodentodigital syndrome inherit it from either their mothers or fathers. However, some results through mutation specifically those with older fathers. The condition varies from individuals because while some may show very mild symptoms, others manifest more obvious characteristics of the condition.

Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia Definition

Oculo dento digital dysplasia is a rare genetic condition resulting in individuals with small eyes, underdeveloped teeth. They also have abnormal fourth and fifth fingers. The condition is also referred to as oculo-dento-digital syndrome, oculodentodigital dysplasia, and oculodentoosseous dysplasia.

Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia Diagnosis

Oculodentodigital syndrome shows its neurologic abnormalities clearly in adults but may appear earlier in subsequent generations. Iris atrophy and glaucoma are common characteristics in an individual with the condition. The person's eyes usually interfere with reading due to the size.

Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia Symptoms and Signs

Individuals with the syndrome usually have a distinct appearance, which may be apparent in their having unusually small eyes, webbed fourth and fifth fingers and, long and thin noses. They also have small teeth with underdeveloped tooth enamel thus, prone to caries.

Oculo Dento Digital Dysplasia Treatment

Individuals with Oculodentodigital syndrome may be required to wear special eyeglasses to help them with learning to read. They have difficulty reading due to the size of their eyes.

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