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Odontophobia Causes

Odontophobia is usually caused by a person's traumatic experience with dentists and dental procedures. A person may also develop this fear upon hearing other people's traumatic experience with destists and dental procedures.

Odontophobia Definition

Odontophobia is commonly referred to as dental phobia, which is an irrational fear of dentists and dental procedures.

Odontophobia Diagnosis

A person is diagnosed with odontophobia when he or she frequently feels an unreasonable fear of dentists or dental procedures. The person may panic when exposed to the stimuli or may totally avoid the situation unless it is an emergency. These reactions may cause distress or totally interfere with the person's emotional and social functions.

Odontophobia Symptoms and Signs

A person's unreasonable fear of dentists and dental procedures causes him or her to frequently avoid dental treatment.

Odontophobia Treatment

A patient is helped by a psychologist and a dentist to manage and reduce his or her fear. The patient is taught with relaxation and cognitive techniques while gradually exposed to the stimuli. Dentists may also use mild sedatives or general anesthesia during a dental procedure to reduce the patient's anxiety.

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