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Orf Causes

Orf is caused by a parapox virus, which primarily infects sheep and goats, which can transmit the virus to humans through direct contact.

Orf Definition

Orf pertains to an exanthemous zoonotic disease caused by a viral skin virus, which primarily affects sheep and goats, but may also be transmitted to humans. The word ?orf? itself is derived from an Old English term that means ?rough?. It is also alternatively known as pustular dermatitis (CPD), contagious ecthyma, thistle disease, sore mouth, or scabby mouth.

Orf Diagnosis

Orf diagnosis is mostly based on a physical exam, lab culture, and clinical manifestations, along with a history of recent contact with infected sheep or goats.

Orf Symptoms and Signs

Orf infections in humans are characterized by: the appearance of painful red skin lumps or blisters; visible skin infection on hands and/or forearms; as well as swollen lymph nodes in the armpit area. Orf can occur in the hands, fingers, arms, face, and even the penis (caused by infection from the hand during urination). In general, Orf is a benign, harmless disease. However, in some cases, it can progress into life-threatening proportions, particularly when the host is immune-compromised.

Orf Treatment

Most cases of Orf resolve spontaneously even without treatment. In persistent cases, medications in the form of analgesics, aspirin, paracetamol, and a variety of anti-viral drugs may be used.

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