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Osteitis Deformans

Osteitis Deformans Causes

The disease is caused by excessive breakdown and formation of bone tissue resulting in bone pain, arthritis, deformities, and fractures. It is also be caused by a virus infection, which has been present for many years before symptoms appear. It may also be inherited when the disease appears in more than one family member.

Osteitis Deformans Definition

Osteitis deformans is also known as Paget's disease. It is a chronic disorder that typically results in enlarged and deformed bones.

Osteitis Deformans Diagnosis

Members of families with history of the disease, 40 years old or above undergo an alkaline phosphatase blood test every 2 or 3 years to aid in early diagnosis and treatment. A high level of alkaline phosphatase in the blood in combination with normal calcium, phosphate, and aminotransferase levels suggests presence of the disease. The patient may then undergo other tests such as a bone-specific alkaline phosphatase test, bone scan, or x-ray.

Osteitis Deformans Symptoms and Signs

Patients with a mild case of the disease do not experience symptoms. They may sometimes confuse bone pain with arthritis or other disorders.

Osteitis Deformans Treatment

Drugs may be used to relieve bone pain and prevent the disease to develop. Patients should also be on a diet and exercise regimen recommended by their physicians to avoid weight gain. Skeletal health and joint mobility must be maintained.

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