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Osteoporosis Causes

Abnormally thin and small body frame, family history of osteoporosis, cigarette smoking excessive alcohol consumption as well as the lack of exercise. Other underlying causes include poor nutrition as well as the abnormally low estrogen levels.

Osteoporosis Definition

Osteoporosis is a bone condition that is characterized by the gradual loss of the normal bone density that will result to the fragility of the bone. Osteoporosis may often lead to abnormality of the porous bone.

Osteoporosis Diagnosis

A routine x-ray is the initial basis for the diagnosis to reveal osteoporosis of the bone. The bone of the patient may appear to be abnormally thin and light.

Osteoporosis Symptoms and Signs

The osteoporosis condition can develop without any visible symptoms for many decades. This is mainly because osteoporosis does not cause symptoms other than bone fractures, usually in the advanced stage. The dowager hump is one of the most common symptom of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Treatment

The goal of osteoporosis treatment is targeted towards the prevention of bone fractures. This is made by stopping bone loss as well as increasing bone strength and density. Treatment approach include lifestyle change, medications to stop bone loss along with increase in strength of the bone and medications to promote bone development.

Drugs used for treatment of Osteoporosis


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