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Pachygyria Causes

Pachygyria is believed to be primarily caused by a breakdown in the fetal neuronal migration process that is a result of possible genetic or environmental influences. The

Pachygyria Definition

Pachygyria is defined as a congenital malformation affecting the cerebral hemisphere. This often results in the unusually thick convolutions that form in the patient's cerebral cortex. Typically, most children with this medical condition may also suffer from developmental delay as well as seizures

Pachygyria Diagnosis

A number of imaging tests can be used to diagnose this medical condition. CT scan and MRI are among the most common modality since both can provide high resolutions. This can prove to be useful in checking for thickened cerebral cortices.

Pachygyria Symptoms and Signs

Malformations of the cerebral cortex are often associated with symptoms that include reduced longevity, severe epilepsy, reproductive damage, fetal lethality, major developmental disabilities, spasticity and mental retardation.

Pachygyria Treatment

Because pachygyria is mainly considered as a structural defect, there are no treatments are currently available except for symptomatic treatments. This type of approach better manage associated seizures. If patient is also suffering from poor nutrition, a gastrotomy may also be considered, where a tube is attached to the airway to help patient digest food.

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