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Paget's Disease

Paget's Disease Causes

Medical experts have still not identified the underlying cause of Paget's disease of bone. However, studies have shown that it may be related to several genes.

Paget's Disease Definition

Paget's disease is a medical disease that primarily affects the bone. This condition affects the normal processes of the bones, disrupting the process of growth and renewal. Paget's disease usually affects the skull, spine and pelvic bone causing deformities, pain and fractures.

Paget's Disease Diagnosis

Detecting Paget's disease early is highly critical in minimizing the damage caused by the disease. Among the common basis for diagnosis include blood tests, x-rays, and bone scans. Patients with Paget's have elevated alkaline levels and display abnormalities in the bones seen in x-rays.

Paget's Disease Symptoms and Signs

Among the typical symptoms of Paget's disease is pain in the bone and joints. The nerves may also be invariably affected since the enlarged bones may compress the nerves. Due to intense pressure, the patient may also feel a tingling sensation, weakness, double vision and hearing loss.

Paget's Disease Treatment

Treatment is focused on alleviating the pain as well as other complications. Surgery is also an option especially for severe cases. Bone-regulating medications will also help cause remission and stop damage to the bones.

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