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Paget's Disease Type 1

Paget's Disease Type 1 Causes

The main cause of this disease is still largely unknown and majority of the cases suggests that its genetic in nature, as it is often found in a number of members in the family.

Paget's Disease Type 1 Definition

Paget's disease type 1 is the malfunction in the normal process of the remodeling of the human bones. In normal cases, the bone breaks down and growth and rebuild gradually. However, in the case of Paget's disease, this gradual process is somehow altered , where the replacement bone is porous and soft.

Paget's Disease Type 1 Symptoms and Signs

Paget's disease type 1 is a gradual progression and most people hardly notice they have this condition. The normal symptoms include the unusually pain in the bone, lethargy, and unusually brittle bones.

Paget's Disease Type 1 Treatment

Treatment for this condition includes biophosphonates which is know n to help the body in rebuilding and producing normal bones. Exercise to strengthen the bone is also recommended although this should be supervised by a therapist to prevent bone injury. Necessary protection of the joints may also be required as a form of preventive measure. In severe cases, a surgical procedure may be required either to repair, rebuild or replace a badly damaged bone or joint.

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