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Paleness Causes

There are many causes for paleness. This can be due to a sudden emotional reaction towards an incident, or manifestations of blood-related conditions such as anemia and/or leukemia.

Paleness Definition

Paleness is the dull pigmenting of the skin. This condition is brought about by different reasons, most common of which is iron deficiency.

Paleness Diagnosis

Paleness can be diagnosed by physical examination as well as blood count tests.

Paleness Symptoms and Signs

Paleness is a symptom of other more serious illness. Signs of paleness however are a dull skin color caused by a low red blood cell count, fatigue and weakness. Behavior is also affected by paleness.

Paleness Treatment

Depending on the cause, patients suffering from paleness are prescribed to take adequate amounts of rest as well as iron-rich diets to regain their strength and normal blood count.

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