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Pallister-Hall Syndrome

Pallister-Hall Syndrome Causes

This medical condition is believed to be cause by genetics.

Pallister-Hall Syndrome Definition

Pallister-Hall syndrome is medical disorder that primarily affects the natural development of several parts of the body. Most people suffering this condition may have extra fingers on the toes and fingers as well as skin between the hands and feet. Other patients may suffer severe malformations.

Pallister-Hall Syndrome Diagnosis

Pallister-Hall syndrome can be diagnosed based on the clinical findings on afflicted individuals who display the classic signs. Since PHS is believed to be genetic, a molecular genetic testing may also provide avery good basis for diagnosis, especially for people with little or no evident symptoms at all.

Pallister-Hall Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of the Pallister-Hall disease include growth retardation, pituitary aplasia, short nose, flat midface, forward tilting nostrils, hypothalamic hamartoblastoma, external ear anomalies, microtia, small lower jaw, laryngeal cleft, and absent lung.

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