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Palsy Cerebral

Palsy Cerebral Causes

Most of the patients with this medical condition are congenital in nature but may not be automatically detected until several months from birth. This is believed to be casued by asphyxia, or the lack of oxygen during birth or other birth-related complications. Brain infections such as bacterial meningitis may also be a cause.

Palsy Cerebral Definition

Doctors often use the medical term cerebral palsy to refer to a number of neurological disorders that may manifest in infancy or in early childhood. This medical condition affects the bodily movements as well as the muscle coordination. However, this is not progressive but may cause abnormalities that greatly affect the patient's quality of life.

Palsy Cerebral Diagnosis

Most patients are diagnosed during the first two years of life. Usual diagnosis are based on cranial ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI.

Palsy Cerebral Symptoms and Signs

Patients with cerebral palsy exhibit lack of muscle coordination, excessive swelling as well as difficulty in speaking and swallowing, scissored gait, shaking, and one foot usually drag. The symptoms may differ in severity and type and can every change through time.

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