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Parasitophobia Causes

The cause of Parsitophobia can be traced back to the patients history of unpleasant exerience with the parasite or it can be aroused by other stimulants like movies or belief or by people who always tell him that the parasite could harm her or him.

Parasitophobia Definition

Parasitophobia is also known in various other terms. These includes fear pf parasites, parasite fear, parasite phobia or phobia of parasite. These is medical o psychological condition of a person who fears or is afraid of any parasite. For a patient with this conditon, parasites could really cause them serious injuries that is why they react so profoundly at just the sight of their feared parasite.

Parasitophobia Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Parasitophobia is done through laboratory exams involving close observation of the patient.

Parasitophobia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Parasitophobia includes getting distressed and uncomfortable in the presence or sight of a known parasite of which he or she believes could harm her or him.

Parasitophobia Treatment

Treatment of this condition will include having the patient take the Psychological test and at some point exposing the patient gradually to his fear. Although the classical approach may sometimes cause more trauma to the patient involved, most doctors or physicians still believe in its healing capacity. The patients however should be very cooperative to make the program effective.

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