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Parturiphobia Causes

Fear of childbirth is often associated with the general fear of the pain during giving birth and is stimulated by previous experience of being in severe pain even in the administration of pain relievers. Other mothers may also have developed the fear over the loss of someone close to her during childbirth.

Parturiphobia Definition

Parturiphobia is also known as Tokophobia, which is the fear of childbirth or giving birth. Other terms for Partuphobia also include tocophobia. It is found normal for first time mothers to develop this fear since they find it really a life-threatening process. While it is true to be a life-threatening process some mothers really feel that they will really suffer during childbirth and aren't sure it they could withstand it.

Parturiphobia Diagnosis

There is no need for a complicated diagnosis for the fear of childbirth as it is considered to be just a passing fear.

Parturiphobia Symptoms and Signs

Parturiphobia can manifest many symptoms like nightmares, psychosomatic complaints, patients will find it difficult to concentrate on work or on other activities of the family, and panic attacks.

Parturiphobia Treatment

There is no real treatment for the disorder as it only comes and goes as the patient gets pregnant or is about to give birth. Unless it will already threaten the life of the mother and the child she's carrying.

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