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Patterson Pseudoleprechaunism Syndrome

Patterson Pseudoleprechaunism Syndrome Definition

Patterson syndrome is also called pseudoleprechaunism. This is very rare syndrome that first mistakenly diagnosed as Donohue Syndrome or Leprechaunism.

Patterson Pseudoleprechaunism Syndrome Diagnosis

Laboratory tests run through samples of tissues collected from the patient may help in the diagnosis of the syndrome which will also include the use of imaging devises to check the extent of the effect.

Patterson Pseudoleprechaunism Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Patterson syndrome or pseudoleprechaunism is manifested by the unusual facial appearance or features of the patient which is almost similar to that look of patients having Leprechaunism. The syndrome mainly affected the connective tissue of the patients specially that of the face as well as the neuroendocrine system. This effects then gives rise to hyperpigmentation with somewhat bronze in color. Other effects include cutis laxa arising in the hands and the feet, disproportioning of the body, extremely severe mental retardedness, and cause real great deformities of the bones. A characteristic skeletal dysplasia is revealed through Radiographs and most often affects the bones in general. It comprises endocrine abnormality, hyperadrenocorticism, cushingoid features, and diabetes mellitus. One other case has shown premature adrenarche.

Patterson Pseudoleprechaunism Syndrome Treatment

There is still not a know treatment for the syndrome.

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