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Pediatric T-Cell Leukemia

Pediatric T-Cell Leukemia Causes

Pediatric T-cell leukemia was known and believed by many to be stimulated by a defect somewhere following the Notch signaling pathway.

Pediatric T-Cell Leukemia Definition

Pediatric T-cell leukemia is a rare type of an acute lymphoblastic leukemia occuring to children. It is a cancer involving the lymphoblasts which forms lymphocyte cells.

Pediatric T-Cell Leukemia Diagnosis

Diagnosis for Pediatric T-cell leukemia is done by recognizing the normal B cells and T cells through laboratory tests. The tests allows for identifying distinctive chemicals on the surfaces of the cells. Through the laboratory test, some chemical substances that are found only on B cells can be identified, same goes for substances on T cells only.

Pediatric T-Cell Leukemia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for Pediatric T-cell leukemia often was associated to an enlarged thymus that can, in rare times, cause difficulty in breathing. It is also associated with the early spread of the thymus to the fluid surrounding the brain down to the spinal cord called the cerebrospinal fluid.

Pediatric T-Cell Leukemia Treatment

There is still no known treatment for the disease. Some studies suggest that it is brought about genetically and is transferred hereditarily.

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