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Pediculosis Causes

The lice infecting the head are spread through a direct contact with an infested person. The body lice on the otherhand are spread through a direct contact with the body of the infected person, or even through their clothing or their personal items of the person carrying lice. Pubic lice or "crabs" are usually spread through intimate contact like when making love with a person with the lice.

Pediculosis Definition

Pediculosis is condition termed for the infestation of parasistic insects called lice. They mostly attact the human bodies. The more popular term for the condition is head lice, pubic lice, or body lice. Pediculus humanus capitis or the head lice in most common term affects children belonging to the age groups of 3-10 as well as their families which occur mostly in females.

Pediculosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis for pediculosis can be done by examining the part where the infestation occurs like the hair, body and the pubic hair parts.

Pediculosis Symptoms and Signs

Most of the time, people infested with lice do a lot of itching associated with excessive scratching of the area where the infestation occured.

Pediculosis Treatment

Head lice infecting the hair and the body are commonly treated with shampoos or cream rinses formulated to kill the lice. People also use nit combs to remove lice and nits or eggs from the hair. High heat laudering can also help kill or remove body lice. Physician and pharmacist may also prescribe effective treatments.

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