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Pediculosis Capitis

Pediculosis Capitis Causes

Pediculosis Capitis is contracted when one comes into contact with either lice or their eggs which may come from other persons or contaminated items.

Pediculosis Capitis Definition

Pediculosis capitis is a highly communicable “disease” (especially in children) wherein the head of the person suffering therefrom is infested with tiny parasites which live and feed on blood from the scalp, known as head lice.

Pediculosis Capitis Diagnosis

To diagnose head lice, a fine-toothed comb, and a special light called Wood's light may be used.

Pediculosis Capitis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include intense itchiness of the scalp, lice on the scalp, and lice eggs on hair shafts, among others.

Pediculosis Capitis Treatment

To treat pediculosis capitis, over-the-counter medication may be helpful. If it is not remedied by the same, prescription medication like Malathion which is also known commercially as the Ovide and Lindane may be used.

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