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Pelvic Lipomatosis

Pelvic Lipomatosis Causes

Pelvic lipomatosis was initially beleived to have resulted from a chronic infection in the lower urinary-tract. Pelvic lipomatosis has also been associated to obesity. Other also linked pelvic lipomatosis to a dysfunction of the endocrine glands.

Pelvic Lipomatosis Definition

Pelvic lipomatosis is a rare disease which often occurs to older black men who are obese and with hypertension. In pelvic lipomatosis, dense deposits of normal fat in abnormal amount may be seen in spaces in the pelvic area. Pelvic lipomatosis is often benign overgrowth of some adipose tissue with small fibrotic components as well as inflammatory. Pelvic lipomatosis is commonly found incidentally when doing a routine check up.

Pelvic Lipomatosis Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis done on the bladder deformity is typical pelvic lipomatosis. It also includes some other conditions.

Pelvic Lipomatosis Symptoms and Signs

Pelvic lipomatosis usually presents symptoms that are similar to that of the urinary tract infection. It includes frequent urination, lower back pain, suprapubic tenderness, flank pain, recurrent UTI's, and fever. Other clinical symptoms include hematuria, constipation, dysuria, rectal bleeding, nocturia, tenesmus, ribbon-like stools accompanied with mucus, and edema in the legs or the lower extremities.

Pelvic Lipomatosis Treatment

Treatment for pelvic lipomatosis uses a conservative approach which involves the use of some symptomatic treatment as well as follow-up.Ultrasonic-assisted lipectomy device have also been used together with reimplantation of the ureters.

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