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Penis Cancer

Penis Cancer Causes

Cancer of the penis is believed to be caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV), particularly the HPV 16. The virus is also connected to the development of cervical cancer. A study showed that antibodies for the HPV 16 are found in over 60% of penis cancer patients, thus it is seen to play a role on the disease. Cancer of the penis can be sexually transmitted.

Penis Cancer Definition

Penis cancer is a disease where malignant cells are found to originate from the penile tissues. It is also known as Penile Cancer.

Penis Cancer Diagnosis

Doctors examine the penis and looks for lumps. If lumps are found, a biopsy will be done. A biopsy is when a small sample tissue (in this case, tissue from the penis) will be examined to see if there are any cancer cells in the tissue.

Penis Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Cancer of the penis may manifest with some sores or growth found on the penis. A noticeable amount of bleeding may also occur. Also, some abnormal discharges or uncharacteristic secretion of liquid coming from the penis may be observed.

Penis Cancer Treatment

Possible treatments for penis cancer patients are: surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Treatment varies per patient depending on the progression of the cancer.

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