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Periodic Paralysis

Periodic Paralysis Causes

The disease is caused by malfunctions in the ion channels of the skeletal muscle cell membranes. These ion channels, when not functioning properly, can cause the cell to depolarize and become immobile.

Periodic Paralysis Definition

Periodic paralysis is a collective term for the genetic illnesses that cause weakness and paralysis from simple ailments such as stress, high carbohydrate meals, mood changes or any physical activity.

Periodic Paralysis Diagnosis

The disease is difficult to diagnose. In some cases, it can be detected by the use of Exercise Compound Muscle Amplitude Potential Test).

Periodic Paralysis Symptoms and Signs

Persons with periodic paralysis experience sudden weakness whenever they get exposed to the above-mentioned triggers.

Periodic Paralysis Treatment

Treatment can be done by the use of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, taking supplemental oral potassium chloride, as well as lifestyle changes that include controlled levels of exercise.

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