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Pituitary Cancer

Pituitary Cancer Causes

Pituitary cancer begins as a tumor that grows in the pituitary glands. Although most pituitary tumors are generally benign, some become cancerous, and thus a pituitary cancer is born. In addition, the following conditions play a role in pituitary cancer development: growth hormone secreting pituitary hormone; Prolactin secreting pituitary hormone; and Cushing's disease.

Pituitary Cancer Definition

Pituitary Cancer pertains to malignant tumor or tumors that originate from the pituitary glands, those pea-sized glands located just above and behind the nose, or at the center of the brain, which primarily control hormone production and regulation for a number of bodily functions.

Pituitary Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnosis for pituitary cancer is usually based on clinical and physical manifestations. Imaging tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans are particularly helpful in diagnosis.

Pituitary Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Common symptoms of pituitary cancer include: headaches; vision impairment; visual disturbances; vomiting; and nausea. Usually, pituitary cancer may also show symptoms of secondary hormonal problems, such as: female infertility; loss of menstrual periods; abnormal growth; high blood pressure; heat intolerance; cold intolerance; skin changes; body changes; and Galactorrhea.

Pituitary Cancer Treatment

Treatment for pituitary cancer usually includes: surgical removal of the malignant tumor; radiation therapy; drug therapy for symptom management; and hormone supplements in cases when the tumor causes a decrease in the production of certain hormones.

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