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Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis Alba Causes

The real cause of Pityriasis Alba is still unknown. But physicians also suggest other conditions that trigger the patches like heat, humidity, detergents that are heavily scented, abrasive clothing, smoke, and stress.

Pityriasis Alba Definition

Pityriasis Alba is characterized as a benign skin condition which are common in children. It manifests as light-colored patches seen usually on the child's cheeks. The condition also typically lasts for a year or even more without being treated. Pityriasis Alba resolves right after puberty or during adulthood.

Pityriasis Alba Diagnosis

Physical check-up will be necessary to diagnose the disorder.

Pityriasis Alba Symptoms and Signs

Pityriasis Alba symptoms include patches on the cheeks, on the chin and around the mouth, on the forehead, neck, shoulders, on the upper chest and arms. It also appears as some hypopigmented patches with sizes from 14 cm. with slight and subtle surfaces. The patches also starts as itchy and pink in color which then develops to light patches of the skin.

Pityriasis Alba Treatment

To treat Pityriasis Alba, physicians will scrape some scales and examine it under the microscope to check for yeast or fungus. This procedure is called the KOH preparation. No treatment is necessary if it is not caused by any yeast infection. Cortisone cream may also be prescribed with ultraviolet light therapy.

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